Our Antenna Test Lab Partners


RTCE does not offer antenna consulting or design services. Having signed countless NDAs with customers, it would be improper for us to offer design services, while simultaneously evaluating similar designs from your “competitors”. Our commitment to our customer’s intellectual privacy is paramount.

However, there are local RF consulting companies who frequently utilize our laboratory, and they are well suited to the task of design consulting and test program management. The first two are highly recommended to customers seeking comprehensive design services for RF, “Wireless”, or M2M products. The third link is a local antenna design firm.

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Certification Or Product Approvals

RTCE does not sell formal approvals services or certify products. Formal approvals on completed products are best handled by local Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories. Their international laboratory accreditation may be required for some markets or end customers. We perform pre-compliance tests, and supply test data in engineering form (Excel spreadsheets). We do not “pass”, “fail”, or “approve” antennas. All such decisions are made by our customers, and are based on their own criteria.