Cellular OTA Over The Air Testing And Troubleshooting

Pre-Compliance Testing of M2M Devices For PTCRB and FCC

Our Test Capability Overview

  • RTCE routinely performs the pre-compliance testing of GSM and CDMA cellular modem devices for customers to PTCRB and FCC requirements: Some standard tests are …
  • RSE: Radiated Spurious Emissions, harmonics can be measured quickly with automation software and a high speed Rohde & Schwarz spectrum analyzer
  • RSE: Radiated Spurious Emissions broadband from 10kHz to 18 GHz
  • TRP: Total Radiated Power for standards like the PTCRB requirements for cellular transceivers
  • TIS: Total Isotropic Sensitivity for standards like the PTCRB requirements for cellular transceivers
  • Antenna Efficiency from TRP and input power measurements
  • Troubleshooting with specialized probes and tools, such as a 5 foot screen inside the anechoic chamber which can show analyzer levels in real time, and help locate harmonic re-radiation sources in real-time

Please note: GSM and CDMA cellular modems normally require a “call box” or test set to host a on-the-air call. RTCE does not supply such a test set. Customers frequently use equipment such as Rohde & Schwarz CMU200, or Agilent’s N9360A for this purpose. Many M2M modems will support a transmit mode with the manufacturer’s “secret” AT-command. Sierra Wireless modules are often put on the air this way, without a call box or network simulator.

Pre-compliance testing is done rapidly and cost-effectively for development and debug work, but is less accurate than formal testing at PTCRB labs. Correlation is typically 3dB on most measurements, however PTCRB approved lab testing is slow and often costs tens of thousands of dollars after weeks of wait time!

Please contact us if you would like help in troubleshooting your PTCRB or FCC testing failures. Our lab is optimized for troubleshooting, and over 50 products have been “fixed” and passed at later formal PTCRB testing. Our recommended design partners are HERE.