Antenna Testing From 300 MHz – 40 GHz

Antenna Testing Lab Capability

  • We measure Antenna Gain patterns in 2D (traditional polar plots) or full 3D spherical plots
  • Our frequency range is 300 MHz to 40 GHz on passive antennas
  • You get spreadsheets of your gain results in dBi, and the ability to plot any pattern in your swept frequency test, as well as Radiation Efficiency from 3D plots
  • We can also measure live antennas in 2D polar plots or full 3D spherical plots, with EIRP and TRP results in dBm in addition to passive antennas
  • Our fast turn around time is just days, written quotes are quick, and our prices are listed below.

For Detailed Information:

Please click over to our new antenna testing website for full details … Antenna Test Lab Co’s Services.